Student privacy

In an era of big data and the push for ever-increasing amounts of technology used in and out of the classroom in the public school system, student data privacy is an important issue for families. You can read our outline here of a comprehensive set of legislation that's needed in Illinois to provide adequate protections for students' personally-identifiable information (PII).

And Raise Your Hand has backgrounder about why we need better student data privacy protections.

Raise Your Hand helped to organize parents successfully in 2013 to stop the InBloom student data project in Illinois. In spring 2017, the IL General Assembly passed the Student Online Privacy Protection Act, SB1796, a bill that RYH Action opposed. You can read more about this bill and why we opposed it here. Although SOPPA includes some protections for student data, it contains many loopholes that favor tech industry profits over protecting the privacy and security of children's personal information.

This session we are working on HB1295, the Student Information Transparency Act. You can read a one-pager about this bill here.

Want to know more? The national group Parent Coalition for Student Privacy has some of the best resources for protecting and advocating for your child and all children's data privacy, including a great new toolkit for helping parents investigate and advocate on this issue.

Is this an issue that interests you? Email us to join our working group on ed tech and student data privacy.

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