Legislative Agenda

Hundreds of bills are introduced in Springfield every session. Here's the bills we're following the most closely during the current session of the 101st IL General Assembly.

Key legislation

  • HB2267 Elected School Board for Chicago [Fact Sheet] Chicago is the only school district in the state with a mayoral appointed school board. This bill would give CPS an elected board via an election in Nov. 2020 with members from 20 districts and one at-large president.
  • HB254: Class Size Goals [Fact SheetRequires districts to report detailed data on individual class sizes to ISBE as well as sets targets for class sizes for K-12 classrooms for 2021.

Other bills we support

  • SB28/HB247 Minimum School Day Restores the requirement for a school day length with a minimum of 5 hours. Read more here about why there's been no minimum length of day since the new funding formula bill was passed in 2017.
  • HB256: No Videotaping for Student Teacher Licensure [Fact Sheet] Prohibits any requirement of videotaping of student teachers or their students in order for the student teacher to receive their license. Currently, ISBE requires student teachers to pass the edTPA an assessment for which video is uploaded and sent to Pearson, Inc. for evaluation. You can read more about the problems with the edTPA including the video component here.
  • HB279 No new charters in financially-distressed districts
  • HB278 No new for-profit CMOs Charter schools must be non-profit, but non-profit charters can hire for-profit Charter Management Organizations to run the school and receive all of the funding. This law would close that loophole. (See also HB811)
  • HB334/SB188 LSCs for all Establishes elected Local School Councils for Chicago charter schools and other district-run CPS schools that currently have appointed LSCs ("ALSCs"). It also adds an appointed student member to LSCs that serve students in 7th and 8th grade but don't currently have a student member, and creates new support for LSC certification training. 
  • HB890 Weaken the State Charter Commission: The unelected State Charter Commission allows for the operation of charters schools over the wishes of local school boards. The Commission can override local decisions and approve charter schools that a local school board has rejected. Schools that are approved by the Commission get increased funding over local district amounts, and this comes from the local district's budget even though they have no say on how the charter school is run.
  • HB2100

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