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Chicago is one of the nation's most fiscally-disadvantaged large urban school districts. And Illinois is 50th out of 50 in percentage of funding that comes from the state, as opposed to local and federal sources. In short, Illinois inadequately funds public education.


Because local school funding comes primarily from property tax levies, districts with lower property wealth are less able to raise revenue than wealthier ones. This has resulted in wide disparities per student education spending. In short, the state also inequitably funds public education.

Recently, several state bills have been introduced to provide more equity in the funding system, such that districts with greater needs would receive a greater share of state funding. However, few of these bills address the overall amount of money appropriated to schools; they would simply better distribute the current inadequate amount. The governor has appointed a new commission to make recommendations on changes. Read about solutions to avoid a budget crisis in CPS »

Action steps

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  2. Share our infographic about $179M in CPS cuts for the 2016-2017 school year. If you'd like to customize this for the cuts in just your ward, please email us:
  3. Ask your state representative and senator to support legislation that addresses both adequacy and equity in public education.
  4. Check if your representative is a member of the commission. If so, specifically ask them to address adequacy in any commission proposal.