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    SB1 is #notabailout

    After Gov. Rauner's amendatory veto on Aug 1st, Raise Your Hand Action is in the governor's hometown of Winnetka canvassing to let people know that SB1 is not a CPS bailout.

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    Rauner's rhetoric on CPS 'bailout' drowns out truth

    Governor Rauner says that SB1, the new school funding formula bill, gives too much money to CPS because it would pay for part of CPS pensions.  But now CPS is the only district in the state which pays for its pensions itself. The state directly pays the employer pension cost for every other district in Illinois.

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    Springfield Update: What you need to know & who to call

    The General Assembly’s spring session is scheduled to end next Wednesday, so it's crunch time for many bills in Springfield. Here’s what you need to know right now about the bills on the elected school board, student privacy, and the State charter commission.

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